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I am coming …


I came from the greatest God

and I descended on Earth

in the times

of great gathering;

a noble,

white-robed child.


Fulfilled with His spirit

and gifted by His holy might,

as a star falling and shining

as a thousand suns.

There's rainbow over me

and a flare of golden light.


The Devil's left before my gaze

and departed deep underground,

where God's eye doesn't reach,

trembling and for pardon praying;

shadows melt in heat

of my divine love.


For I came to return back

the kingdom to my Father Saint,

the brightest One,

who in heaven dwells.

I return to dear my children

to comfort and to cherish them.


Don't fear me you who is fair

and obeys Father's law of One -

a redemption there is coming

for the righteous in heart and soul.

A great day

for those who wait.


Small one will be lifted by my might

and strengthened in power greatly,

but the wicked scatter will and flee

and won't find a place to hide.

The treasures opened

and all rewarded by merit.


Such bright will the glare be,

as the Sun would come down on the ground,

in all its divine justful power,

bringing cup of salvation and life.


Take the drink of God,

truthful pilgrim...