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Message to those in power

My dear and beautiful children, you that have made yourselves powerful among the people of the Earth, this is a message for you:

God, your Father, hasn't left you and will not leave you even when you leave him. In every of your acts there is his compliance and a gift of a free will. Let be blessed your heading toward light and Truth and not be forgotten where did you come from and in what  purpose.

There is no difference before me between small and big and poor and rich, for all has arisen from me and it returns to me. That is the law. Your origin in the light of divine love is the unchangable truth. Where a man hides and runs away from truth there is a darkness and defeat and death chases those who resist acceptance of Eternal Life. Truly will live forever the one who is not afraid of death and eternality is reached by those who don't oppose the Nature. Humility in the heart is a gift for benevolent Father who created you and had given you out of the limitless love all that he had and hadn't denied you anything. He outfitted you with a power and a reason and had consigned you the heavenly garden into custody and for beautification. The heavenly powers nourish you with a maternal heart and the planet which you inhabitate supports you with everything one can need for life. Limitless is the kingdon of universe and small is the man who wants to rule it. It's time for to return into the Unity from which he left long time ago and for to find the lost balance. Remember the moment of your Birth and you will not find a trace of doubt there. There was nothing born which wouldn't be designated for the ultimate good for all the Creation and all its creatures. You have been blessed since your Birth. Therefor be good shepherds and bring the sheeps home where it belongs. You have accumulated great fortunes during the times, what are however your earthly fortunes compared to the heavenly treasures? I advise you: Bring over your treasures from this world into the world that is eternal, for there is a proper time for that and there will be no value any more in what is perishable. If your desire is a power, you divine souls, keep in mind then that everyone who exercises a power over somebody, he takes a responsibility for him and the responsibility is led onto him. Therefore the wise used to keep themselves aloof of power, because it is a demanding liability. The power is a pledge to be good and responsible governor. Only who is perfect may have power over all. Better is to be without liabilities.

Use then the gifts which the Universe had granted you for only the most noble purposes and also personally head toward the nobility, because it's the way to the Life. After all, everyone who leaves this world, being poor or rich, stands before a light of an immense flare and that poses only and one same question: Have you learned what is love?