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Notices to Transformation I.

20. 10. 2011


Now you have realized, that there is something happening on your planet. Seemingly you know, that you are in a certain magnificent process. Yes, you are. You are heading towards a great culmination of your whole journey, the personal one, and the collective one - regarding the whole humanity - as well. Your entire previous life and your past lives were an overture, which now leads into fulfilment of the existence of your being. When you don't oppose it, you will be able to realize your gathered potential and reach the boundaries of own possibilities. In this moment the possibilities are already unlimited, there is a gate opened towards any of the degrees of a self-realization including the highest. If you have always waited for something, then it is here. All beings ready for service to the light have been activated and come to participate on activity within their task, or they have been already working on their tasks. The vanguard has accomplished its mission and has built up base points in the structure of your society enabling smooth follow up and continuation in the service of the light. Nothing in your lives is ever more important as joinig the stream of ascending consciousness.Leave behind, in your own interest, everything which holds you back, tights you and restrains you from the full service of the light. This opportunity should not be wasted. Being included rightly in the process should show you signs of happiness, the feeling of fulfilment and great excitement. If you feel tired, frustrated, probably it is an indication of sorrow of your soul over the wrong direction of your heading. Let you be guided by feelings. Good feelings show a good direction. I don't want you to worry anyhow. Enjoy the pleasure of all the possibilities which are opening to you. Take it as a game a play it with an enthusiasm, with a joy and happiness. Don't push yourself into anything if don't feel it is right. You might need to work more on yourself. By the way you may realize that inside you there are some parts which disable playful self-realization and careless giving up to a higher guidance. This game is at the same time a training program with which you ought find out insufficient places in your being. It is all interconnected and well thought-out. I give you a chance to expirience a lot and to learn a lot at the same time. I wish everybody to receive that which he longs for. For me the joy will be your joy and your progression in the self-awareness.