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The return home

22. 9. 2010

There is time approaching for many of you to return home. I hear your calling for a long time, I hear your prayers for a long time, pleading prayers, pleading calling. You came into this world from the brightest light and you came into the greatest darkness. By the way you forgot where you came from and who you are. You forgot the blissful unity, you lost your memory of the Creator, whom you are and whom you always have been. You have created the universe which you now observe and which astonishes you, which your scientists examine and produce theories about it. You have created this universe and you have concieved a plan how to excercise this world through experience. Because in the times of unity there was no one else then you, you were everything and there was nothing that you weren't, that you wouldn't know, that wouldn't be you. So that you could explore and learn about your creation, that's what you wanted, you thought out a manner, how to limit your all-knowingness and all-presence. You divided your consciousness, after careful planning, and produced an ilusion of separateness. Some parts of your self you turned into a darkness for you to be separeted from the eternal light and so that your individual selves could be created. Consequently

you limited (by your decision) your abilities, that would always show you whom you are. You incarnated into material bodies (while until then you were incorporeal spirit, living light or the divine consciousness) and restricted your perception to only one body. You however still knew whom you are a where did you came from and how the world around you was created. You could whenever return to the original divine state; after all you were still gods as you are until now. You knew that the reality into which you came is an ilusion, which you made up by your thought and you could easily change that reality by your will. As long as you knew who you are you couldn't really examine the world that you created and there wasn't much to explore. So that you stepped to the last phase of the plan: You designated some parts of your self to confuse you. These souls or energy deceived you slowly and gradually by half-truths and subtle intrigues, so that you were slowly losing sense of your almightness. Also you were during the process losing your memory. The plan went well and you indeed by the time forgot your divine origin.  That was happening during hundreds of thousands of years, by gradual steps, using imperceptible half-truths and half-lies provided and various clever tricks, which appeared to be good things. The powers of the ilusion exploited all its divine power and intelligence to complete seemingly imposible task: To make God forgot, that he is God. The plan went outstanding well. Your souls were given possibility to enjoy all kinds of different experience, which you couldn't enjoy as God. You examined by the way what is a feeling of fear and loneliness, what is violence and greed. While you have been a pure love, you knew this terms, but you could never experience them. Now you finally could sense and experience love. You explored its beauty, which you couldn't see from this perspective, while you were it self. Because while you have been it self (love) and there was nothing else,  one couldn't compare it with anything; you couldn't experience love, because you were living it all the time. So you reached the goal of your plan and you collected all variety of experiences and feelings, you investigated your individual parts, all your aspects. Some of you discovered your selves, you discovered God in all its beauty and greatness, and that was for you the most wonderful experience and the most influential knowledge. To experience and learn what you knew about yourselves is the true fulfilment of your greatest desire. You learned from the outside what you knew from inside. The plan goes on until today and powers which you call dark (but they are powers which you created to be a certain part of the big plan) keep inventing more sophisticated manners how to separate you from your naturalness a and they invented for that purpose during ages perfect tools. Many of you thoroughly forgot that you are divine love, you believe you are a body, which is perishable, limited, which came up from an accidence and lives without any purpose. Some of you even call yourselves atheists and deeply believe that God doesn't exist and even try to prove that. The illusion in this regard has reached perfection. With increasing separation from your selves grows your feeling of non-fulfillment, dissatisfaction and sorrow. Many of you now call for a remedy. The confusion has reached a climax and your souls long for to return home. Important is to understand that you have never been held here by force. You had created an elaborate prison without bars and the energies which ought to separate you from light never had a power above you. They never had a power for whatever which you didn't give to them. You are still the same allmighty beings who created this world who created the illusion for you to become something that you weren't  and the powers which ought to keep you in ilusion so that this game could proceed. As well as before you shape your world. You shape it by your thoughts as well as the whole world is your thought. Your world hasn't always looked the same as today. Long time ago you created a perfect world, beautiful and full of love, a paradise. Then you were able to create it because you knew that you can do it and had ordinated thoughts. Today however you usually don't know that you shape your reality and second your thoughts aren't coordinated. Your creative thoughts are unordered as for an individual as for the collective consciousness. That makes your life chaotic and it doesn't lead you to a clear result. You as individualised souls have various ideas, different desires, different opinions and your creative thoughts conscious or unconscious together with other thoughts of other people interact and as result shape the world you observe and live in. This world, which many of you consider as imperfect, is the perfect product of your creative thoughts. Change the thoughts and you will change the world. Rediscover your abilities. And your goodness, because by your nature you are love. Let the understanding together with love become your tools of creation. Create the most beautiful what you can, because you are nothing less than the God. You are loving, blessing and forgiving God. You are light and from light you came into darkness. You are light and truth. And your truth had created the universe. You had created the darkness, you institutet natural laws. You are love only you forgot it. You feel that your life isn't fulfilled and you seek light, you seek God. But you are the God and light. Realize these facts and act according to that. And your consciousness and your acts will bring you to the divine reality once again. Don't seek the God but recognize it in yourself. Don't advance towards it, but be it, because your decision "I am" will return you to the creative reality. And that is the return home. The consciousness of the God and the Unity is your home. You came from there and whether you want you can return there. You don't have to call to me, beg, because it is you who must return to me, by means of your realization and creative consciousness. After you wake up you will again spread love around you as before. You will be a blessing, you will be a way, you will be a salvation, you will be the true glory of your re-acquired divinity. I am with you and I show you the way home. The way leads through your heart and mind. Those who will seek me will surely find me. In your heart.